Hideo Igarashi


My first product that was bought by my parents when I was 8 and purchased that was a SONY Walkman-II. It gave me a lot of good vibrations.
I was Graduated from the Tokyo National University of Art and Music and then the rest came with practice at SONY Inc. as an Industrial Designer. after worked at SONY In 1998, relocated to Italy and India on a project of textile technicals and studies. I vividly recall seeing design in traditional textiles for life around the world.
I first found inspiration in design of Bruno Munari and learned the most from Isamu Noguchi's creative activities but draw a lot, if now just as much around, from art and nature science in particular.
My achivement as a designer, focuses on "
The Sense of Wonder" by Rachel Carson that means human beings in relationship to their constantly changing surroundings.
I am constantly seeking new images and fitting ideas, new ways of seeing on textiles.

Our projects picked up a few awards on the way,Including a silver prize at
We,ve also work shown at some International fairs for a variety of products.

五十嵐 秀雄
UNA Design Division 代表

1971年生まれ 東京都渋谷区出身。
1994年東京芸術大学デザイン科 機能造形デザイン専攻卒業後、
1998-99年イタリア・トスカーナに移住。帰国後にUNA Design Division設立。布製品や

UNA Collection

It is recognized for its work in Textiles since 1999 by Hideo Igarashi (aka. Mikan Kusunoki).
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Sony electronics Inc. /Toso company ltd. /Mitsubishi Electric corp. /JFE steel corp. /HERMÈS JAPON CO.,LTD/ Isetan /Nomurakougeisya / ABC cooking studio /Acarine Inc. etc.
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2001 Tokyo designer's block (WISE WISE,Tokyo)
2002-2007 UNA private Collection (Tokyo)
2004-2005 Nuno market (Living design center Ozone,Tokyo)
2004 Swedish style/Tokyo style [Hotel CLASKA,Tokyo/Konstfack,Stocholm]
2004 XX Bags (Gallery Rocket,Tokyo)  etc.
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1998 Silver prize of "IDEA" The Industrial Design Excellence Awards[U.S.A.]
1994 Prize of Toyama Design Festival,Japan-chair[Japan]  etc.

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